my story

My name is Uria Waaserman, and I was born in 1992 in the port city of Haifa. At 5 days old I was adopted by the Wassermans – Nili, Avishai and my sister Shay. My mother is an architect, and my father runs a metal processing factory which was founded by my grandfather. Their amazing talent inspired my interest in art having watched them create fantastic art designs from nature.

Before starting as a brand, I discovered a desire to create a real piece of art, handmade to absolute perfection and accuracy during my trip to Japan. I wanted to create something of high-end quality and exceptional value following the experience I acquired from my parents who are both artisans. I learned how to master the use of basic tools from a simple hammer to a complex lathe, and during a trip to Costa Rica and El Salvador, I got a chance to explore the beauty of rough design using raw materials.

At the age of 26 years old I decided to launch my brand to offer the best collections of quality handcrafted jewellery designed for jewellery and style lovers. With a passion for art and style; all combined in one piece, my goal is to become a household name in the marketplace with exclusive and top-notch quality products to appeal and delight my customers.

People love to be unique, and that’s what guides me to keep creativity at the core of my business. I understand that there are no two identical pieces of art. I pride myself on being able to infuse attention to details in expressing myself straight into every artwork.

Today I work towards bringing authenticity to the global marketplace. I love high-quality art, I believe values supersede every other thing, and I’m focused on reaching my customer’s end needs providing uncompromised quality products at affordable prices.


Since my grandfather’s vision to this days.